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On January 5, 2012, I was invited to photograph the historic LXBar Ranch (Built by Wyoming Governor and US Senator John B Kendrick). "The Legislature will be looking at preserving the ranch buildings...built in 1910. They are in amazing shape for being abandoned for 50 years.....not very accessible, as you have to cross the Powder River to get to them. They are owned by a person in CO (I believe) he is donating them to WY or Campbell Co, if they will restore them and make the place a Historical Site."

Wyoming State Senate President John Hines, Mickey Shober, a Campbell County Commissioner, Campbell County Assessor Troy Clements, Clif Ritchie (lived there as a boy) and the Barbour family and myself all toured through the buildings, house, barns, and property. So much history there, am hopeful it can be preserved and protected.

On February 5th I was offered an opportunity to fly over the LXBar Ranch to photograph from the air! What a thrill! (Thank you Steve Barbour!)

On March 9, 2012 the LXBar bill SF0036 passed!! Signed in by Wyoming Governor Mead, to preserve and protect the LXBar Ranch for generations to follow!

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Cyndee Linn(non-registered)
As much as I can, I love the history of Wyoming, and love to learn everything about the state I grew up in. Born in Newcastle, raised in Cheyenne. Do you think, the Lxbar ranch, would be available for tours next year? Or are they wanting to wait until they restore most or all of the buildings.
Steve Barbour(non-registered)
Even though I was present for all of these pictures, I am still awed at your photography and documentation of the LX Bar and the surrounding area. Excited about the future of this historic ranch!
Great job Jodie!!!
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